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The hardest part

In my eyes
the hardest part of life
Is keeping all your morals straight

Controlling the Elements

Burning thru time
Like ticking clocks

Like a wilderness fire
Taking control

Looking for that answer
That it never finds

We meditate
And wade through the water

Finding the tide that will consume us
Taking control

Then we sleep
On the soft grass

Admiring the beautiful flowers
Taking control

And realizing that we live in a beautiful world
And that we should give up
And let it take control

Who Cares?

If you really cared,
You would write your poems without fear.

Wear you clothes without judgement,
And kiss the man of your dreams in public.

If you really cared,
Everything would turn into white noise,
And everything would be peaceful.

If you really cared,
You wouldn’t care.
Because it’s your life to live,
So why waste it caring?